Our Beef

Our Beef: A Legacy of Quality Farming and Ranching

For over five generations, our family has dedicated itself to the art of farming and ranching in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. Our ancestors pioneered the way, raising not just beef but a diverse range of livestock to sustain their families. What they didn't need was shared with friends and neighbors or sent to markets, becoming a vital source of nourishment for communities across America.

In keeping with tradition, we continue to provide our family, friends, and neighbors with the finest quality beef. However, our methods have evolved to embrace a more natural and sustainable approach. Our cattle are born and raised right here on our ranch in Eaton, Colorado, where they enjoy a life of freedom and contentment. We made a conscious decision not to subject our cattle to antibiotics and hormones. Instead, our customers receive beef that is purely grass pasture raised, and when supplementary feeding is required, it comes in the form of nutrient-rich grass hay.

This deliberate choice has not only ensured the health and well-being of our herd but has also resulted in a superior tasting beef. With every bite, you experience the culmination of generations of expertise, dedication, and a commitment to providing the finest quality beef to those we consider part of our extended family.

Join us in savoring the rich, authentic flavors of our heritage – a testament to our enduring passion for sustainable agriculture and the legacy we proudly uphold.