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Graze Cattle Company

Soup Bones

Soup Bones

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Introducing our premium Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Black Angus Soup Bones—a nourishing addition to your kitchen that enhances the depth of flavor and nutritional value of your soups, broths, and stews. Sourced from the finest Black Angus cattle, our soup bones are a testament to quality, purity, and culinary excellence.

Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished: Our commitment to exceptional quality begins with the cattle's diet. Raised on nutrient-dense pastures, our Black Angus cattle are exclusively grass-fed and grass-finished. This ensures not only the highest quality meat but also imparts a rich and natural flavor to our soup bones.

Black Angus Excellence: Renowned for its marbling, tenderness, and robust flavor, Black Angus beef is synonymous with quality. Our soup bones, carefully selected from this prestigious breed, guarantee a culinary experience that surpasses expectations.

Rich in Marrow and Collagen: Our soup bones are expertly chosen to provide a generous amount of marrow and collagen, imparting richness and depth to your broths and soups. Whether simmered slowly for a hearty broth or used as a base for your favorite recipes, our soup bones add a nutritious and flavorful dimension to your cooking.

Versatile and Nutrient-Rich: Whether you're crafting a comforting bone broth, a hearty soup, or a savory stew, our Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Black Angus Soup Bones adapt seamlessly to various culinary applications. The nutrient-rich content enhances the overall health benefits of your homemade creations.

Sustainably Sourced: Committed to sustainable and ethical practices, our cattle are raised with care, reflecting our dedication to responsible farming. We prioritize the well-being of our animals and the environment, ensuring that our products align with our values.

No Added Hormones or Antibiotics: Rest assured that our Black Angus Soup Bones are free from added hormones and antibiotics. We prioritize the health and welfare of our cattle, delivering a product that is both wholesome and natural.

Enrich your kitchen with the nourishing goodness of our Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Black Angus Soup Bones. Elevate your culinary creations with the wholesome flavors and nutritional benefits that these bones bring to your soups and broths.

  • Pasture Raised/Grass Finished
  • Hormone Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Frozen & Vacuum Packaged
  • Note: Two per package


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